It is very easy to apply your wall stickers!

Your decal should be applied as soon as possible to prevent application issues. Any smooth surface is a perfect location for wall stickers but make sure the surface is completely dry and has been left for at least 30 days after painting.

  1. Clean the surface using a dry cloth. Make sure the surface is free of dirt, dust and any grease. If you do have to use a slightly damp cloth, wait until the wall is dry before applying your decal.
  2. Plan where you want to put your decal. If the decal is big, I would suggest getting someone to help you to make the process easier. Avoid over handling the stickers as this can compromise the adhesive.  

*Tip: For bigger decals, I would suggest sticking the decal to the wall with a light tape so it is in the position you want. For smaller decals such as stars etc., you will not need to do this. You can just remove these from the backing paper and place where you wish.*

  1. Remove the backing paper from your decal - starting slowly at the corner and pulling it towards you at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Apply the decal by placing one edge of the peeled sticker on the wall at the location you have planned. Using a dry soft sponge or credit card, go over the decal slowly to get rid of any air bubbles as you press it against the wall.
  3. Once in place and free of any airbubble - peel away your top layer slowly, again at a 90 degree angle. If the decal is not sticking, rub over with a credit card and try again. (Remember - surfaces must be smooth, clean, dry & free of grease for the adhesive to work properly)
  4. Now stand back and enjoy your work!

*Tip: If your decal starts to come away at any time, just use a soft dry sponge or cloth and gently press it back down.*


Method 1(Removable)

  1. Place a sticker on each end of the wooden block. Make sure they are on opposite sides.
  2. Tear off the cover on one side and press the wooden block and hook together.
  3. Remove the cover from the opposite side and press your hook firmly but carefully against a clean wall surface to secure.

Method 2 (Fixed to the Wall)

  1. Drill a hole into the wall
  2. Push the wall plug into the hole
  3. Insert the screw into the wall plug
  4. Attach the sticker onto the end of the wooden cylinder and remove the sticker covering.
  5. Press hook and wooden cylinder together to secure.
  6. Finally, sit the keyhole end of the wooden cylinder over the screw until it is secured