Kitchen Helper

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The kitchen helper is a platform that allows a child to participate in meal preparation activities. 

Usually, children have limited access to the kitchen countertop, sink or table. With a kitchen helper, a child can not only observe the next stages of food preparation, but also take an active part in preparing dishes, setting the table, or washing dishes. 

The design of the kitchen helper is stable and allows you to adjust the height of the platform and adapt it to the size of the child.

Kitchen helper is a combination of safe assembly technology, structural stability and lightness of form with an unconventional but minimalist design.


  • Material: Pine wood covered with a safe for children and ecological wax based on oil and resin. 
  • Platform height adjustment in 3 variants (20 - 33 - 47 cm from the floor) 


  • Total height: 90 cm
  • Width: 39 cm
  • Stair depth: 48 cm

Shipping Details

  • Dispatched in 2-4 weeks depending on demand